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... for your excellent support supervising the installation of refractory materials at the rotary kiln shutdown that few days ago we have finished. It was really valuable your support and assistance. Thanks and we look forward to continue having your technical support in future maintenance activities.

INVECEM Plant Upgrade   - San Sebastián

Our terms of reference contain the technical specifications, goals and structure of how we have implemented a project. Our references constitute a kind of map of our experience in the industry and give a clear picture of our progress, specifying what has been achieved, with whom and when.

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INVECEM, 17 Abril 2012

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... our most entire satisfaction for the work accomplished over more than 5 years, along with the Technology Partners you represent. In addition you have demonstrated fulfillment of the obligations contracted, as well as a full capacity to respond to our requirements.

… we have maintained a satisfactory commercial and technological relation since June 1998, related to refractory material activities along with your Technology Partners.

Cementos Catatumbo, 16 Mayo 2012


Mineral Loma de Nickel C.A, 3 Abril 2012

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