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FICEM-APCAC 2014, Santo Domingo Dominican Republic



By Thomas Hacker, Sep 19 2014 6:05PM

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. - Between the 8th and 11th of septembre 2014, in the Hotel “Occidental Embajador” of Santo Domingo, the thirty first Technical Congress was celebrated, FICEM 2014, organized by the Dominican Association of Cement Producers (ADOCEMN) and the Interamerican Federation of Cement (FICEM); an institution located in 25 countries of the region.

Nearly 350 people assisted to the congress, in the main, representatives and providers of the cement industry in Latin America and the Caribbean.

For the third consecutive time General de Proyectos T.H.G.P., C.A., was present together with its technology partners, showing and sharing the last experiences in the production of cement. The engineer Josef Keuschnigg from PM-Technologies, Austria presented a paper related to the Increment of Production Capacity using Alternative Fuel without sacrificing operation.

Additionally representing KORFEZ, a company dedicated to the especial and intern foundries of cement grinding, the engineer Rudolf Henneboehle, UNITHERM, a technology partner for Burners and related equipment by the engineers Reinhard Ringdorfer and Alexander Lederer, SCHEUCH filters by Camilo Buitrago and Walter Hochholdt, and of course, RHI Refractories sent a delegation that was headed by Mr. Martin Dumke.

The activity was a total success, leaded by the President of the Dominican Association of Cement Producers Portland (ADOCEMN), the engineer Carlos Emilio González.  

The event closed with a dinner that included a very colorful entertainment show, music, dances and the corresponding flavor of a carnival fantasy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

FICEM-APCAC 2014, Santo Domingo Dominican Republic



By Thomas Hacker, Sep 19 2014 6:05PM

In 2012, INVECEM hired the services of the Austrian company PMT-Technologies, to perform a research regarding the enlargement of the Cumarebo Plant, and with this the increase of the clinker production from 3000 TPD to 4200 TPD.

The research ended with the decision to make the enlargement in two phases: phase I, increase the production from 3000 TPD to 3700 TPD and a phase II to expand it from 3700 TPD to 4200 TPD.

The phase I consisted in: modifying the raw material grinding, installing a new auger lifter to the preheater, modifying parts of the preheater (cyclone blending tank, inlet chamber), installing a calciner, cutting the oven and installing two metal transporters of Clinker, in additional to a new Clinker grate cooler (substitute of the satellite) with the corresponding dedusting system.

In the modification of the raw material system, it is worth noting a new building was attach to the actual one and in which a new clay crusher was installed, also a separation and dosing system.

Some minor change was made to the raw mill, moreover a reduction of volume in the drying chamber.

In this phase the following companies were involve:

PMT-Technologies in the engineering of pirocessing and modifications of the raw mill, besides, the supply of some equipment.

KoWey in the supply of clay bands, an auger lifter for the kiln and the metal transporters for the clinker.

UNITHERM modified the kiln burner, the supply of new calciners and a hot gas generator.

SCHEUCH, installation of a dedusting system for the new Clinker cooler, a new ID FAN and some minor filters.

RHI Refractories, supplied refractories for the kiln and the UNITHEM hot gas generator.

CemProTec, a new Clinker cooler, and a new top and platform for the kiln.

The phase 1 was done in Abril 2014

The phase 2 is scheduled for 2015

This last phase consist in the installation of a new gas conditioning tower, modification in the preheater cyclones, minor modifications in the calciner and the installation of a tertiary air duct.



Training - The Instalation for Refractary Materials Planta Mara workshop ended up succesful



By Thomas Hacker, Jun 28 2014 2:35PM

On the 11th and 12th June 2013, we had the presence and support of RHI, Jose Flores - Sales Manager for Mexico and Venezuela, Alexis Carrasco – RHI Technician and Nestor Garcia – RHI Technician, who with their extensive experience in the industry continue to support the initiative of RHI and General de Proyectos GP, CA to strengthen and expand the knowledge of the technical staff within the national Cement industry.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


Visit our booths 35 and 36 in the next Congress Tecnico FICEM - PERU 2013



By Thomas Hacker, Jun 28 2014 2:35PM


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