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General de Proyectos T.H.G.P, C.A.

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We have served with our poly linguistic structure (German, English, Spanish) for more than 15 years the markets of the Andean Pact and the Caribbean.


Our international technology partners offer innovating designs, research and development, engineering and continious quality assurance combined with a high frequency of technical visits to our customers.


We are confident of our reputation, innovation, efficiency and ethical professionalism, supported by the many projects undertaken jointly with our customers.


The dynamic force of our organization and our technology partners ensure an optimum of service and confidence, required to implement any project you may have. 


Our Team

General de Proyecto GP, CA is a independent technical service company, supply and consultancy for the industries of cement, lime, aluminum and non-ferrous for the markets of the Andean Pact and the Caribbean.

The General Project concept has been successful over the years. It was originally a distant goal, today is a reality. Our operations and projects were initiated for the local market and now it have expanded into the region.


However the most important activity, in collaboration with our technology partners, is the project development and optimization of existing processes of our customers.


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Our Reputation

Our Concept

Our Code of Ethics:

De lo que pensamos, decimos o hacemos:

1. Is it the TRUTH?

2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?


4. Will it be BENEFITIAL to all concerned?  

1932, Herbert J. Taylor

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